Vans 15 Second Stop-Motion Spots

This project was created for Vans, the popular skate and lifestyle brand of street wear. The idea was to create a stop-motion project to highlight their new line of shoes that have a waffle-like sole, specifically the Authentic Lite, SK8 Hi-Lite, and Old Skool Lite.

Authentic Lite:

I edited and composited in After Effects. It was photographed over a screen using c-stands to hold the waffles and shoes in place “mid-air”. I then keyed out the backgrounds and replaced it with a color that the client preferred, and removed all traces of the c-stands and green tape.

Old Skool Lite:

SK8 Hi-Lite:

The shot required a napkin with the Vans logo on it, we didn’t have one, so I composited one in and animated a mask to fit the shape of the waffle.




top composite

top 2

The paper table cloth was very problematic, as it shifted a lot during the shots. To remedy the problem, I masked out the entire surface and used a clean, still “plate” that was composited in.

feed_001_02_X1_0032 feed_001_05_X1_0097  feed_001_03_X1_0080


The shoot for this project was completed in 1 day, at ChopShop Entertainment’s insert stage in Newport Beach, California.

IMG_5517 IMG_5512  IMG_5518 IMG_5523

All the signage was shot separately and was composited in post.

Production Agency: Chopshop Entertainment

Director: Zach Lyons

Cinematographer: Ralph Linhardt

Art Director: Andre Paul Pinces

Sound Designer: Bryan Avila

Editor and Compositor: Lee Nguyen (me)